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We are a group of supply chain enthusiasts who want to make sure the world does not forget about the human aspect of supply chains. For all the talk about technology and automation of processes, we shouldn't forget the human experiences behind what constitutes the very fibre of the global economy. This also includes the interaction with the communities and ecosystems that coexist with modern businesses.

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The topics and ideas we want to tell you about

The Supply Chain Workforce focuses on all those aspects of modern supply chains that should be guided by ethical principles and the respect for the ecosystem where they operate. We might cover topics such as new sustainable management systems, the preservation of workers' rights and the relationship with new technologies. In doing so, we aim to also uncover and expose illicit practices to encourage positive change.  Finally, we also want to offer support to young professionals in the field that wish to start a career, providing tips and advice.

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Gianluca Riglietti

Gianluca is a researcher with several years of experience delivering market research reports on topics of supply chain management, cyber security, organizational resilience and sustainability. He has managed global research projects for companies such as Zurich Insurance, SAP, Siemens and the British Standards Institution, delivering the findings of his publications at events - both physical and online - across the world. He is also an Executive PhD student at the Polytechnic School of Milan, where he focuses on supply chain resilience. He relies on his research and network of experts developed over the years to create innovative and engaging content for the Supply Chain Workforce.

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