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The Go-To Source for Supply Chain Enthusiasts

Supply chains are the pulsating heart of global economy. They connect people, create journeys and shape the world. On this page we talk about the people, communities and ecosystems revolving around supply chains. Whether you're a professional who wants stay updated, a student approaching the field for the first time, or you simply need quick facts on the subject, this is the place for you.

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Getting help from supply chain standards

Being a supply chain manager in current times is not an easy job. It wasn’t before Covid-19 and it definitely isn’t now. For an industry...

The supply chain of art crime

The black market for art is one of the most lucrative and unregulated in the world, and one of its main fields concerns the illegal...

Modern slavery: a matter of choice.

It only takes a quick Google search to find several initiatives that are dedicated to fighting modern slavery and forced labour. It also...

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